Welcome to
Route 62 Brewing Company

Crafting moments that matter

‘The R62 Brewing Company and Restaurant is open and ready to serve our hand-crafted beers, excellent food and excellent service.

We welcome you to enjoy your time in our Biergarten, with a cold beer, a glass of Wine, Crafted Gin or a cocktail accompanied by a choice of a delicious hearty meal, or something light to snack on, made fresh in our kitchen.”

“Crafting moments that matter”

Our Beers

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“Blue Point”

Montagu Pale Ale
• Style: Pale Ale
• ABV: 5%

“The 62”

Montagu Brown Ale
• Style: Brown Light Ale
• ABV: 5%

“The Old Fort”

Classic Lager
• Style: Lager
• ABV: 4.7%

“The Blondie”

Cape Inspired Weissbier
• Style: Weissbier
• ABV: 5%

The history of our building

This Victorian Building was built in 1888 on land which was originally subdivided in 1852. The property was developed as the first post office in Montagu.

The building was commandeered by British troops as operational headquarters during the Anglo-Boer War. In around 1918, the building became a residential dwelling. It was the home of Esther Hoffmeyr for a period of time